A Production of the Herbarium, Department of Biology, Texas A&M University (TAMU)

Script by Monique Reed

Photographs by J. R. Manhart and H. D. Wilson

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Lick Creek Park is located in the southeastern corner of College Station, TX on Rock Prairie Road and comprises over 500 acres of habitats associated with the Post Oak Savannah vegetation zone. The park transects the valley walls of the flood plain of Lick Creek, a major tributary to the Navasota R. It contains well-developed riverine and alluvial hardwood forest, open marshland, oxbow meadows, upland oak forest, and sandy prairies. Lick Creek Park has not been severely impacted by wetland drainage, therefore the habitat and species diversity is high. This diversity makes LCP a unique and valuable resource that merits its conservation for the enjoyment and education of future generations. Section I of this tour, to a large extent, is based on class field trips conducted in Plant Taxonomy Courses taught in the Department of Biology, Texas A&M University. Section II is based on some "bushwhacking" done by the members of the Department of Biology and some hardy undergraduates. So join us and take a look at what Lick Creek Park has to offer!

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